Inspiration is a funny thing.

Sometimes you feel so inspired you could rule the world. Other days, you feel simply drained and as if your brain is at a stand still. Today I thought I’d share with you all my top sources of inspiration, and not just for blogging, but all aspects of life…


Let’s start with the obvious, blogs. I read blogs on a daily basis, but there are certain people who never fail to fill me with inspiration, and it’s not just from their recommendation of the week. People like Victoria from inthefrow are insanely talented in writing. Her posts always fill me with bags of inspiration, especially her chit-chat, relatable life posts. She always seems to turn around the negatives and throw them into positives which I find really incredible. Another blogger with impeccable talent is Kate from Kate La Vie. I’ve read Kate’s blog for years now and again like Victoria, her writing style just insane. Kate always gives me skincare solutions, homeware ideas and I would say a lot of my skin improvements were down to her advice. You awesome girl!

More blogs that are on my daily reading list I’ll list below…


Blogs are perfect for getting real life advice. No filter and from the heart. Sometimes I find answers to some of the most random things reading from some of the people above.


Towards the end of last year I wrote a post about books that I was loving at that time. I really want to give Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht a huge shout out. Both absolutely incredible reads that fill you with that ‘YES I’M GOING TO GET WHERE I WANT TO BE’ feeling! If you want to land yourself a career in the creative industry, both these books are for you. From raw industry truths to a kick up the ass, you’ll find it all in those two.


Music is something that really helps my university work. When I have my head down into my dissertation, music is what saves me. I’m one of those people who really need to get lost in a world of my own when it comes to academic work, and music helps me do that. I love bands like Years And Years, especially their latest album. Tracks like Without, Eyes Shut and Real completely take me out of the library and into a motivated YOU CAN DO THIS zone. I also love slow house music and one of my favourite sound cloud pages at the moment is White Morning. Their talent is insane! Go take a listen.


So when you’re lost with no inspiration, try taking a few of these tips and advice. Take a few minutes to read or listen to some music, and maybe the answer you need will come along!


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