Roses are red, violets are blue, I love LUSH at Valentines Day, what about you? It’s that time of year lovers!

Okay Gianni enough of the awful Valentines Day rhymes, let’s get onto the good stuff. I thought I’d throw this post out there a little earlier than usual, because LUSH being LUSH, their products fly off the shelves super fast and I wouldn’t want anyone missing out on their fantastic products this year, old and new.

Valentines Day is the perfect annual event that LUSH products are made for. Whether you’re staying home with your loved one, or checking into a hotel room, LUSH products are the perfect end to a romantic evening… well, not the very end but ya knowww. Besides any rudeness, having a romantic bubble bath is a finishing touch to any date night with your partner. When I visited my local LUSH store, I picked up a few little products as well as an old favourite which I will start with first. The Sex Bomb (No I’m not talking about me… jeeeeez) is a cult classic to their bath bomb collection which LUSH say is ‘made for lovin‘. This jasmine infused bath ballistic is designed to relax and soothe after a hard days work. Clary sage is used to clear the mind, with hints of ylang ylang oil for that floral touch. It also fills your bath water with an amazing deep pink colour, to totally set the scene.

Moving on to another sensual bath bomb, The Lover Lamp is a Valentines staple that fills your bath with little love hearts and a milky lather. Enriched with organic cocoa butter, this moisturises and hydrates your skin leaving it silky soft. When I drop this into the bath, the first thing I can smell is vanilla and orange, two of my favourite scents. This is a lot more aromatic than the sex bomb, but if you’re not a fan of cleaning your bath out afterwards, this isn’t the one for you as there are lots of little love hearts dotted around the place. Never the less, a perfect Valentines Day treat for you and your lover.

I also wanted to throw in their brand new Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. I mean just look at it, isn’t it the cutest! Crumble a little bit of this under warm running water and watch your bath be infused with lavender and neroli oil (did I mention lots of bubbles?). This is the ultimate relaxation concoction and works perfect along side both bath bombs.

Finally, to get you and your mr/mrs squeaky clean, why not throw in a Prince Charming Shower Cream. I mean that’s what a bath is for after all, right? This uplifting formula is silky smooth and smells just like marshmallows and vanilla. I find it amazing how LUSH find these crazy ingredients that make such amazing scents! Again with organic cocoa butter, this helps smooth and nourish your skin, protecting it and treating it from any dry patches.

The perfect end to Valentines Day don’t you think?

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