I said at the start of 2016 that this would by the year I make a few changes to my life, and already I’ve noticed a few differences…


I mentioned earlier this month that I had dived into the vegetarian lifestyle. YES VEGETARIAN! And guess what?.. I’m still going strong, as much as every now and again I do want to smash my face of a chicken breast. I still haven’t got a firm reason to why I’ve decided to make this change, and to be honest still can’t work out if it’s made any effect on my body yet. If you’re a vegetarian, please leave in the comments below if your body felt different when you made the change, good or bad. The next step with my food is to work out how to eat extremely healthy on a vegetarian diet, along with getting my ass to the gym. After all I do have a membership so it’s a waste not to use it!

Clearing Out The Old.

I have literally became an eBay fanatic. I set myself the mission to clear out everything I don’t need. What’s the point in holding onto stuff that has no value, so I turned to eBay. Can I officially announce myself as the International eBay king as I recently just shipped off a parcel to Russia. Getting rid of old clothes, old bedroom decor and daft bits and bobs by giving them to a new home (and earning a bit of dolla doing so) rather than putting it into the bin, seems to be a good thing right now in my life.


Speaking of money, 2016 has taught me to cut down my spending, and that whenever I see a Space NK shop, that doesn’t mean I HAVE to buy something. By doing this instead of wasting money on endless skincare products (as much as they are so tempting), reducing my spend when I eat out, and maybe only buying the odd Costa coffee instead of 2 a day, has really made a significant difference on my funds. Call me Rockerfellaaa.

Time Management.

So time is getting precious, because my head is literally up my ass with uni work, and with a full time job it’s getting difficult. Very difficult. I’ve decided that when I go to the library, instead of having a 3 hour chit chat catching up with the latest gossip and using the library as a social centre, I will sit myself on the silent floor and actually do some work. I can then leave earlier and take some time out for myself. I’ve also been writing a lot of checklists lately, making sure that all my jobs are done. There is something most satisfying about drawing a big tick next to something on your list!


Stop Thinking, Get Doing.

It’s such a cliche statement, but so true at the same time. I’m a massssssssive thinker, over-thinker, head caved in-er. I spent so much time thinking about opportunities and ideas and never go forward with them. So recently instead of thinking, I’m now doing. Even little things in day to day life, such as should I walk from the car park to uni or get the park and ride? I SAY WALK. I think a lot of it is down to lack of motivation since things are getting busy, but pushing yourself ends with so much more reward, even if it is a few more calories burned. I love the sound of that.

What changes have you made to 2016??

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