Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. How fast has this came around? I feel like it was yesterday I was posting my 21st birthday photos! It is also The G Edit’s 2nd Birthday (hip hip hooray!). This year has been a hell of a roller-coaster, as cliché as it sounds, but I’m a big believer of everything happens for a reason, and the past is practice for the future…

I thought to round up this year and celebrate the 2nd year of TGE, I would talk about some of my favourite things I have done, discovered and experienced, to look back on 2015 in true TGE style. 


This year has probably been one of the best years yet for my skin, and to be honest I feel like I’ve got myself a firm product list of the things that really do work for my skin. My confidence in my skin has grown massively and I feel a hell of a lot better about myself. A few major products that I have discovered is the Sunday Riley Luna Oil (oh em G, this stuff <3), The Body Shop Oils Of Life Moisturiser Gel, Oskia Renaissance Cleanser and the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment. These are some of the best products I have came across and totally rejuvenate my skin. 


As many of you frequent readers are aware, for fragrances Jo Malone has totally won me over this year. I have especially loved the Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne, along with the 154 Cologne. These two combined are incredible too and that’s what I love about Jo Malone fragrances, you can almost create your own by mixing and matching. I have also loved the Tom Ford Noir Extreme which screams luxury and elegance, along with the Hermes Terre D’Hermes. This is also an incredible scent that I have literally not stopped wearing. I even tried combining these two with some of the Jo Malone scents to see what I could create (I have way too much time on my hands).


I haven’t really travelled much this year, but one trip that really springs to mind is my little bloggers holiday to Edinburgh Napier University. This was an amazing experience and really opened my eyes to the student life elsewhere in the country. Another place I have loved to visit this year is York. It’s full of gorgeous little shops and independent stores, not to mention some cute bars and restaurants. I highly recommend going to any of these places, perfect days out!

Yes, food is my weak point. I love a good meal out and this year I’ve had some amazing grubb. One of the highlights of this year is Bettys Tea Room. I had never been until this September and it was absolutely amazing! Afternoon tea is totally my thing, and I cannot recommend this place enough, so affordable yet elegant and of such high quality. More places I have loved this year include Cena (Yarm), The Mill (Stokesley), Wagamama’s (Newcastle) and so many more. Nom Nom Nom.

More stuff from 2015:

  • Passed 2nd year Uni (and now in 3rd year eeeek!)
  • Started a YouTube channel – click here
  • Found my love for green tea
  • Bought a brand new car! I LOVE MY CORSA
  • Learnt how to budget money – NOT… who am I kidding
  • Made some amazing connections in the blogging world
  • Worked with some amazing brands and companies
  • Met some genuinely amazing people that I will never forget

Thank You soooooooooo much for everyone who comes and checks out my blog, I appreciate it so much that you take the time to come and stop by and read my little place on the internet. I hope to bring so much to this space in 2016 and I hope you can follow my journey with The G Edit. Happy New Year you amazing people and I wish you all the best MWAHHHH (absolutely massive virtual kiss**)

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