Hello everyone, I’m Gianni and I’m a coffee addict. Yes I will totally admit to that. Coffee says hi to me in the morning, picks me up with I’m down and gives me a kick up the ass when I want to jump right back into bed, so today ladies and gentlemen, I thought I would do a completely pointless post (what’s the harm in that!) and tell you all 5 reasons why everyone should drink coffee!

No. 1

Coffee gives you a shit load of energy. I don’t know what caffeine does to you, but I love it! It’s like a boost of adrenalin especially in the morning to get your ready for the day ahead. I start my day off with an americano/espresso if I’m at home, or a well intense flat white if I’m going to Starbucks/Costa. YES TO FLAT WHITES. Just smelling coffee makes you feel calm!

No. 2

Coffee has sooooo many medical benefits. It has proven to reduce the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease, helps your liver if you drink alcohol, packed full of antioxidants to help things like your skin and immune system and apparently reduces the changes of getting skin cancer. I also heard that it can boost your metabolism by 11%, helping weight loss and fat burning.

No. 3

Coffee is something to bond over. In the days of Tinder and online dating, meeting up for the first time is something very scary. Sometimes asking someone on a date is a little too intimidating but asking someone for coffee is so much easier. Coffee is also the perfect opportunity to bail if the person isn’t appealing to you in real life, unlike a restaurant meal where you’ve got that awkward moment of who’s paying the bill. Am I right??

No. 4

It keeps your body clean. I’m sure we all know what I’m getting at here. Plop. 

No. 5

You look awesome. I’m totally not one of those people who only drink coffee so they look like an Instagram photo or someone off Tumblr. But let’s face it, you do look pretty awesome walking down the road with a coffee cup. 

I hope y’all liked my totally pointless coffee related post! Thumbs up for coffee!

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