Social media is massive, like massive. It’s a bloggers best friend and provides a global online community for people to share their work and content easily – and for free! Studying Marketing at University has taught me so much about what individuals and brands are doing right and wrong, so I thought today why not talk about Twitter, and what I like to think builds the perfect tweet…

1. Content

Okay, so you’re logged into twitter, you’ve clicked in the new tweet box and you have 140 characters to utilise. What do you say? This is the biggest thing that can set you aside from someone else. Is your Twitter page informal and casual or are your portraying a more professional, structured account. There is no right or wrong, it all depends on your brand. I like to keep my Twitter very informal, almost as if it’s my list of thoughts. Yes I promote my blog posts through it, and tends to be my highest route of traffic for my blog, but even still I will promote it as if I’m talking to a friend, for example: “Have you caught my latest post….” or “I have some amazing skincare goodies…”. The informality makes it more personal and I feel like it’s my own little community where I like to think people can easily chat and tweet me, with no intimidation. So back to content, you need to think of what the purpose for your tweet is. To inform, to advise, to update, to state? Every tweet has a purpose, identify it. 

2. Media

There is nothing worse than scrolling through a person’s or a brand’s Twitter feed and it is text after link after text. Jazz it up a little. Throw in some pictures, videos, GIF’s… you catch my drift? It makes your page a whole lot more interesting and when someones scrolling down their Home feed, it makes your Tweet stand out against others. If you’re promoting a blog post, then throw in the main photo for it. Tweeting that you’re out for lunch? Take a snap of you’re food. You’ll find that the majority of your most interacted tweets, are ones with media included. Ps. did you know when you click on one of your tweets, there are now free interaction analytics?

3. Link

Links allow you to use Twitter as an advertising platform, allowing you to direct your followers to where you want them to go. But you gotta do it right. If you’re tweeting from a mobile device, make sure you remove the ‘/?m=1’ off the end of you’re blogpost URL. This will allow whatever device people are using to automatically format the side to a desktop or mobile device. Shorten the link? People don’t want to see 80 character link when it could be no more than 14 characters long. I use to shorten mine, below is an example. 



The website also allows you to get statistics from your links, such as how many times it has been clicked and location statistics. Statistics are great for checking KPI (Key Performance Indicators) benchmarks. Some of you may not be interested in the technical side of online promotion, but it’s incredibly useful to know and see how effective your different ‘marketing’ methods are. 

4. Engage

Twitter is a community right? So make your Tweets engaging. Think to yourself, how retweetable is this? Is this something that can start of a discussion? Am I asking a question? If you’re not looking for engagement that’s fine, but if you are, identify what you’re doing. Can you make your words more appealing or the structure of your Tweet. If you’re looking for engagement, why not talk about a trending topic and use hashtags to get the right audience. Hashtags are a great way to get your intended audience to see your content. For example, as a blogger I use the #bbloggers and #lbloggers hashtags, because my blog is beauty and lifestyle themed. It’s rare I post fashion posts, so I wouldn’t use the #fbloggers (Fashion Bloggers) tag because it’s irrelevant therefore I won’t be reaching the right audience. It’s simple!

5. Continuity. 

I’m a big believer in continuity. Whether it be design, my blog, my photography or my content, I love to keep things in order and make sure it always matches my style. The same applies to Twitter. Keep things consistent. Tweet regularly but don’t overdo it. Use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets meaning they are set and ready to post at the right time. When people wake up, lunch break, the school run? There are so many ‘ideal’ times to tweet but all depends on your audience. So keep your target audience and their lifestyle in mind. Below is a useful chart for popular times to Tweet. 

These are only some of the tips and tricks for an effective Tweet but I hope you’ve found this post useful! If you like this kind of post let me know because I have a lot more tips and tricks that I could share. I love your feedback so drop a comment below.

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