It’s that time of year again where I release to you all my favouriteeeeeeee products of this year that I think will be perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones…

To start off this crazy festive month, I thought I’d begin with The Men’s Gift Guide 2015, which this year I personally think has some amazing products that all men will love! If you see something you like, remember all the links are below! I’ve tried to give a mix-match of all priced gifts, expensive to affordable to meet all budgets, and throughout the month of December, there will be plenty more gift guides so keep your eyes peeled! 

To start off this gift guide, I thought I would insert a gift that also featured in my last years collection, the Nespresso Machine in Cream. I was bought one of these this year for my birthday and can I just say, this has literally changed my life. I wake up every morning and simply press 1 button, and BOOM. Instant espresso! I think every coffee lover should have one of these because they are bloody amazing, so simple to use and they look god damn hot on your worktop. Moving on, I had to include a masculine, sexy fragrance and one of my favourites this year is the Hermes Terre d’Hermes Eau de Toilette. If you can pronounce that then I will give you a virtual high five because french ain’t my forté.. see what I did there. This has an amazing woody smell to it, with earthy notes. Very nice indeed. Talking about scents, I thought I would throw in a Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamon candle. I went to the launch event for this fragrance and remains to be one of my favourite this year. I feel that candles are perfect staples to any home – especially bachelor pads. Now clothing. I love love love these two staples from Topman. This Suede Harrington Jacket is perfect all year attire matched with these Suede Boots. I don’t know why loving suede? But I am (peace hand emoji). To complete your sophisticated look, why not grab yourself this House Of Frazer Laptop Bag. Simplistic and minimalistic. Finally in my 2015 gift guide, I wanted to include this amazing local brand, producing top quality beard oil that I am literally obsessed with. The company is called The Beard Lab Co and you can purchase their products from amazon here

I hope you like this little collection of gifts this year, let me know what you’re getting the men of your life in 2015!

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