2015 has been by far such a huge mix of emotions, 

Happy, Sad, Exciting, Anxious, Confusing, Hard, Easy, Doubtful, 

Eye-Opening, Fun and Exhilarating 

From break-ups to makeups, promotions to commotions, opportunities to well… unsuccessful opportunities, trust me this year in 2015, I’ve been there. I feel like this year could have fit at least 5 years worth of stuff in, and it all happened at once. Looking back at the year a lot of sadness and pain has dampened months of 2015, however so much happiness and positivity has came from it too, and I thought today I would highlight that…

1 | I passed 2nd year university, and moved forward to 3rd

2 | I went on my first ever blogger holiday, to Edinburgh with some amazing peeps

3 | I got promoted at work (the crowd cheers)

4 | I’ve met some amazing people that I will never forget

5 | Learnt how to meditate, properly

6 | I turned 21! 

7 | I bought my very first (first hand) car! And she’s a beaut!

8 | I had my first horse riding experience

9 | I found my love for Wagamamas 

10 | Conquered many life lessons I thought I’d never learn

These are only some of the many positive things I feel 2015 has given me, when you’re feeling down, look back at what they year has given you – big and small. 

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