I’m a blogger, we all have guilty pleasures, and part of the fun is discovering a new product and realising WOW. This is damn good stuff…

Recently I’ve being doing a lot of Christmas shopping trying to get my presents bought before December, but I have a track record for coming home with more presents for me than family and friends. Bad I know. But I work hard for my dolla so what’s the harm in a treat. Now these two products are both rose themed, and to be honest, I ain’t usually a fan of rose. But these two products take rose scents to the next level, lemme tell you why. 

“You’ve been kissed by a rose”

My recent love is the LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel. This is damn good stuff I tell you now. I love the LUSH shower gels but this one I’ve never tried and I regret leaving it so long. It smells soooooo  bloomin good. Made with organic turkish rose and sweet fair trade vanilla, this argan oil infused shower gel has a velvety smooth, silky texture which fills the air with a sweet scent. You can also use this as a bubble bath by squeezing a bit over running tap water. LOVE IT.

Next up is another guilty pleasure of mine, and for frequent readers of TGE, yes I love Jo Malone. I said it. So I won’t get into that, but a new purchase of mine is the Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense. This just screams luxury in every way (plus I got my initials engraved on top #winning). With dark damask rose and spiced clove, this rich fragrance has a mysterious and indulging kick to it. As the lady in the store described it to me, she said it has a very ‘sexual’ scent, which I totally agree. 

What are your guilty pleasures? Tell me in the comments…

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