Can I just have LUSH everything already? Why are their products so damn good? Well today I bring you two of my all time favourite LUSH shower gels I always have on my bath side…

The Dirty Springwash is one of those shower gels that gives you that cool sensation when using it. Infused with tingly spearmint and exfoliating sea salt, this natural remedy is a perfect shower staple to get that clean fresh feeling when using it. I love putting a squirt of this product into a shower loofah, where it foams up into a nice lather. I love using loofahs as they give you that mild exfoliation leaving your skin all polished .

Another favourite of mine is the Yuzu And Cocoa shower gel. This is by far my favourite out of the LUSH shower gel collection, with notes of grapefruit, coco and bergamot. The coco helps soften the skin whilst the bergamot cleanses and refreshes.  I literally feel like I’m washing myself in yellow coloured chocolate! YES yellow coloured chocolate! This rejuvenating and refreshing gel would be an amazing stocking filler for christmas or any occasion, just like the rest of the LUSH product line. 

If you’re stuck for christmas gift ideas, LUSH is your place to go

What is your favourite LUSH product?

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