I have tried sooooooo many skincare brands, but one I’ve came across in shops and online that I’ve never tried is Grown Alchemist, and I’m not going to lie… their gorgeous packaging is 90% why I want to try this brand (please don’t judge)

Grown Alchemist is one of those brands where my legs automatically start running to the shelves when I see the gorgeous packaging. It reminds me a lot of Aesop (my all time favourite brand), I don’t know… it’s just something about the clinical, pharmaceutical packaging that really appeals to me. 

The brand is inspired by organic skincare using advanced technologies to create amazing anti-aging, perfecting skincare using powerful ingredients and formulas. Their packaging is created with the most utter care and consideration, using UV protected, hardened glass to stop contamination and to preserve the product. Low grade plastic soft packaging used in conventional tubes risk emitting harmful chemicals into the products. Glass products are also highly recyclable which is promoted through company ethics and objectives. Furthermore, Grown Alchemist are completely against animal testing and free from animal ingredients. 


Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser

Hydra-Restore Creamy Cleanser

Balancing Toner

Regenerating Night Cream

Antioxidant+3 Detox Serum

Anti-Oxidant Treatment Serum

Body Cleansing Bar

Have you ever tried Grown Alchemist?

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