I haven’t really done one of these posts in a long time now, and I thought today I’d just sit down, coffee by my side and type away about what’s going on right now in the life of Gianni (excuse my ramble)

Where should I begin, well I guess I should start with blogging.

The past week I have had my pen and paper out, planning my christmas posts. I’m so so so excited yet it feels so weird that I’m talking about Christmas. Is it just me or has this year flewwwww by (I say this every year)? Never the less, Christmas is one of my favourite times of they year and I love writing content in this season. Creativity is at it’s highest and did someone mention gift guides? I started putting together my Christmas gift guides around May this year (gotta start early) so I hope you all love what I’ve put together this year.

University. I am now well settled into third year and shit has got real. We have just all been landed with our assignment and dissertation briefs and to tell you the truth, I ain’t looking forward to it. I am estimating a combined 30,000ish words and 3ish presentations that need to be complete before May. Sound’s relatively easy but with The G Edit and a full time job aside, this is going to be some rocky rollercoaster. I suppose the key to it all is time management and organisation, two thing’s I think I’m relatively anal about, so all should be okay (keep your toes crossed for me).

Speaking of full time jobs, I’m currently thinking of moving on with life. I’ve spent my last 5 years working in a local hotel moving my way up to Events Supervisor and Duty Manager, but recently I’ve felt that my time there is coming to an end. Not because I’m a bad employee but because I feel that I’m coming to an end of a chapter in my life, only to start the beginning of a new one. Has anyone else felt like this? Where you feel like your time is over in one job? I don’t know, I’m going to start looking around but who knows where my search will take me.

So that’s about it for this little update. I feel like my heads a little left right forward backward at the moment, is anyone else feeling this way? Let me know!

OOO! Also, it’s halloween soon!

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