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I have always been someone who is up for something new, and only recently have I tried something I never thought I would. Meditation. Yes meditation, let me tell you more…

I’ve always had an interest in the art of relaxation, and being someone who gets quite anxious and stressed at times, discovering the method of finding my zen has always being on my agenda. And I think I’ve found it. Now when I say meditation I don’t mean sitting with my legs tangled chanting with inscent sticks burning, but simple breathing techniques that help relax your mind and body (how buddha of me)

What really got me interested in this was Anna’s (Vivianna Loves Makeup) 5 Ways To Destress YouTube video, and she mentioned how the RITUALS App had a relax function that step by step helps you to relax with meditation techniques focusing on your breathing. The best thing about this app is you can choose how long you want to relax for; 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes, so it fits perfect in your day to day routine. I tend to do this before bed, with a few candles burning and my laptop and tv switched off.

I can say since I’ve started using this app, getting to sleep has become a lot easier and I feel so much more how can I say… chilled? I’m still new to this and I want to explore a lot more into this discipline. 

Have you got any relaxation techniques? Let me know!

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