I’ve never really talked about relationships on The G Edit before and I have always been one for trying something new, so I thought today why not give you all my top 10 pointers/tips for a healthy relationship – just call me cupid…

1 | Come clean – don’t go into a relationship with hidden baggage
2 | Communication is key – talk about your problems, and your accomplishments… don’t keep it in
3 | If it ain’t working, it ain’t working – life goes on
4 | Give your partner space for their own life, you should be a part of it not all of it
5 | Keep things fresh – date nights and black out nights are essential* 
6 | Kindness in small ways is more effective than big ways
7 | Let the wrong ones go
8 | Flaws aren’t always a bad thing, no relationship is perfect
9 | Don’t forget YOU. Don’t always put your partner first and sacrifice your own happiness
10 | Don’t rush it, let your relationship naturally unravel… and enjoy the journey

*(black out nights: no phones, laptops or social media, order in and rent a movie)

What are your top relationship tips?

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