I love music, especially when I’m working away writing a blog post or an assignment, or even just sitting in my bedroom. Music helps me relax and get into a little world of my own, so here are my October favourites…

To be honest this mix of songs doesn’t stick to one particular genre or theme, I’m one of those people who jump from old to new, era to era, bouncy to slow… you catch my drift? I also don’t really use playlists, I tend to search for the music I’m feeling at the time, or listen to a specific artist that pops into my head, but for the purpose of this post, here is a little Autumnal playlist of the amazing tunes I’ve being listening to lately…

Troye Sivan: Fools, Wild & Talk Me Down

(the whole blue neighbourhood trio are seriously amazing, especially the music videos!)


Justin Bieber: What Do You Mean

Naughty Boy: Running

Philip George: Alone No More

1975: Love Me

Ludovico Einaudi: Night


Years & Years: Eyes Shut

(this is the first album I’ve bought in a long time, total work of art)


Meghan Trainor: Better When I’m Dancin’

Hailee Steinfeld: Love Myself

Tinashe: Vulnerable (Fave Luxe Remix)

(I originally found this on ThatsSoJack’s amazing lookbook, check it out here!)

What have you being listening too?

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