Today I have something for the boys, and something that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Let me tell you all about the Braun CruZer6 Beard & Head, this aint any old trimmer

There are plenty of beard trimmers, shavers, shapers… whatever you want to call them on the market at the moment, and I have tried many, but not all seem to have that spark of durability, affordability and most importantly, functionality. You may be reading this and thinking Gianni are you literally listing off words out of a dictionary, but those three words are what every man looks for when finding that perfect grooming tool, whether they are aware or not.


Grooming to me is a moment where you can simply set yourself to one side and make yourself damn right sexy. It’s just like when women wax their legs and get that clean, fresh, prepped feeling… men also get that too when they have a freshly shaven face, or trimmed, tidy beard. The Braun CruZer6 gives you all of that… in one.

So, durability. This device has a weighted feel to it, making it feel less plastic even though it is probably 60% plastic. It has a rubberised reverse for added grip allowing you to get a firm hold for precision shaving. I really like the shape and feel of this. I’ve tried many in the past which feel slightly ‘toy like’, as if it’s going to break after a few goes but this one screams build quality.

Next, affordability. You can walk into a shop like Boots and see razors and shavers ranging from £15.99 to £150.99. The choice is massive, but after trying many price ain’t always what it adds up to be. You can get great affordable shavers for less than £40 these days and they really are some amazing engineering with lots of functions and accessories. The Braun CruZer6 is retailed at around £44, but I’m sure selected stockists are cheaper like here! This is such an amazing price for a multifunctional tool.

Now moving onto functionality. The CruZer6 comes with multiple hair length attachments, one for beard trimming and styling, and one for head hair. It also has a built in precision trimmer for those little spots and details so you can make every look happen. Having up to 12 different shaving lengths, this suits all men from a clean cut to a bushy look. The CruZer6 also comes with a handy travel case, attachments and charger for wired or wireless use.

This is the perfect christmas present for any man in the house so pick one up now while stocks last! If you want to read a little bit more about this piece of kit, click here.

What do you look for in a beard trimmer? Is it selected cutting lengths? Accessories? Let me know!

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