One of my worst fears of moving out, is moving into a home with a disgusting bathroom. A bathroom is somewhere where I feel should be a place of calmness and clean-ness. Recently I’ve been putting all of my procrastination time on Pinterest, pinning and pinning to my bathroom-inspo board which is bursting at the seams right now, so I thought why not share with you all my idea of a perfect bathroom (insert heart-eyed emoji here.)…

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So I guess the place to begin is the walls and floor (I think you can all take a guess at what colour my walls would be). You got it, white. I think bathrooms should always be white. It stands for hygiene, freshness and airyness (if thats even a word). It also makes a small space look bigger, and since bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house, it is perfect. It also allows you to bring multiple colours into the room without overcrowding the appearance or making it look too fussy, but I’ll get into that a little later. For the floor, I’m thinking something either darkish such as a dark wood floor, or black slate. I think bathrooms should have dark floors because of… well… hair. I know bathrooms are to be kept tidy and clean, but you cant help the odd head hair on your floor and light floors show them up ridiculously. It also defines the bathroom furniture such as toilets, bath/shower, chest of drawers, and makes them fit in more than a light coloured floor would.

Next the sink. I would love love love a marble top sink that has one of those pot old fashioned sink thingys. I don’t know what there called but you can see on the top left photo in this post? If you know what they are called please let me know! Of course, a sexy hand wash pot would be perfect such as an Aesop or Jo Malone hand wash, but thats a whole other blog post. I would also love to incorporate copper or brass into my bathroom with some kind of detail. I love the copper towel warmer below, or copper piping for a tap. I saw this bath tap once that came from the bathroom floor, free standing all the way into the bath which looked amazing! This would contrast the contemporary feel with old fashioned/vintage elements. Everyone loves a bit of juxtaposition. 

To complete a finished bathroom look, I think body care products should be placed in an organised clutter way around the room, also including greenery and flowers. Candles are another must have (more of an obsession tbh) if you’re after a pamper kinda evening, it doesn’t half make a difference. Lastly towels and bath mats. I want to stay to neutral colours when it comes to linen. Greys and whites are the only colours for fabrics in my dream bathroom, so colour can be emphasised through decoration. I can see myself shopping in IKEA and independent stores to source my furniture. I think they are great for first time buyers too as they are relatively cheap which such a huge selection. Who knows?…

Do you like this style? Let me know what you think?

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