I’m an absolute freak when it comes to workspace or office inspiration. I love searching through the internet to find awesome workspace inspiration and then pin pin pin. I like to think of Pinterest as my little scrapbook for when I finally get my own place, so here’s a few ideas I’ve came across…

WHITE. Of course. There is no other option. White walls mean clean, simple and minimalistic, not to mention make any size room look 5x bigger. I feel that white walls also bring that psychological aspect to a home – clean slate, positivity, ying to the yang... that kinda thing. But with a white room you can also bring that personal touch in too, I’m a fan of organised clutter and decoration. Quotes, ornaments, lighting, photos and copper of course. That kind of personal touch.

I love the idea of having a large desk. Somewhere that I won’t feel restricted no matter what size project I am working on. Whether it be to do with work, home, or even simple things like wrapping a present, I want space to move and do my thangggg. Of course, an iMac completes a desk, but that isn’t a necessity, it just looks fabulous. I’m still in the debate of whether I prefer a white desk or distressed wood? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I try to think about how practicality and style can both work together, so incorporating good looking storage would be key. IKEA is perfect for this solution, they have amazing boxes, cabinets and drawers to hold all your shit you want tucked away, such as unattractive stationary and paperwork.

I love the idea of moving out and creating a place of my own, what are your thoughts on this? What is your style and what would you include in your home office. IDEAS people!







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