Define friend: a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations… according to the English Dictionary, but what does friendship mean to you…

The idea of enjoying someone elses company? The person you tell your deepest secrets too, knowing/hoping they won’t tell no one else? The person who jumps in the back of your snapchat selfie? I don’t know… but friendship to me is something that can’t be defined easily. I have lots of friends, but not many I can say I have an actual friendship with. To me, friends and friendship has a hell of a difference.

Do we aspire to friendship? Is friendship based on pleasure? Is friendship based on trust? Or even envy? Is friendship more fragile than a relationship? Is life impossible without friendship? Who knows…

During the past few months in 2015 my idea of friendship has changed a lot, and so have my friends. As life goes on, you begin to see who matters and who doesn’t. You start to see who deserves the effort, and when full time jobs come in swing, busy lifestyles and education, time is valuable.

So next time your bezzie holds your hair as you vomit down a club toilet, or puts an arm round you while you cry, or laughs with you while you talk about college gossip, think about friendship, cherish your memories, and care for those who care for you. 

ain’t nobody fuckin with my clique. clique clique…

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