This is probably going to be one of the worst haul/review posts you are ever going to read because today it is all about scents. If you are a frequent reader of The G Edit, you’ll know I am.. THE WORST.. at explaining what things smell like, but what the heck! Let’s do thissssss….

In 2015 I have spent way too much on expensive candles like Jo Malone and Diptyque (like wayyy too much) so when I was in my local shopping centre the other day, I popped into TK Max and Asda Home to see what they had in store for me to buy! I love a good candle but something that is a little different to the usual. Weird scents and candle jars are what I look for and I think I found 3 fantastic little staples to my room. 

First of all I popped into Asda Home. Now Asda home in my opinion don’t really have that many decent candles on offer. They have bland scents and burn really quick. To be honest they are really affordable so when thinking about quality over cost – it makes sense. However I saw this little ‘&’ sign candle £2 and I thought it would look perfect on my bedroom shelves. It has no scent to it but I love it’s simplistic/minimalistic design, and scentless candles are nice for those days you just want some ambiance or to burn alongside another candle. 

Next is from Cereria LAC, and I grabbed their Vanilla and Papaya scented candle £5.99. It comes in a gorgeous dark glass jar with a cork lid. It has a really prominent smell of vanilla with the spice of papaya behind it. Guys I know I’m so bad with explaining smells but trust me, this one is da shit! I really hope the burn time is long because I never want this little beauty to run out! The worst thing about TK Max is that it’s very ‘first come first serve’ due to single items on the shelves rather than lots of stock of a certain product. If there was more on the shelf I would have bought them, hands down. ALSO… this candle is made from soy wax rather than your average beeswax. I thought this was kinda strange yet interesting! Absolutely delicious!

Finally I picked up the Vila Hermanos Air Du Bois candle £6.99. Vila Hermanos is a brand that screams luxury and indulgence, but as with all things in TK Max (as a positive), they seem to have seriously reduced prices. The Air Du Bois candle has a very sweet and floral scent that fills the room with a subtle aroma. I love the wooden lid the candle also has with the vintage label and Parisian/European design.

Keep an eye out on the TK Max candle section of their website because trust me, nothing stays on there or in their stores for long! Some amazing candles at amazing prices!

I do apologise if this is the worst post you’ve read from me but describing scents is not my strong point. However, I hope this has inspired you to get yo ass down to TK Max/Asda Home and see what they got in store!

What is your favourite candle?

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