Aesop is a brand I’ve long loved everything about. Their branding, packaging, ingredients and performance. It screams quality and luxury in every way so today I thought I’d share three of my all time favourites…

If you’re not familiar with the brand Aesop, it’s an Australian Skincare company that was established in 1987. Their ethics are all about quality. From the carefully sourced ingredients, to their luxurious packaging and even their shop design, quality is in every aspect of the brand. Each store is unique and designed in a sculptural format, embracing design and engineering. I was lucky enough to visit two of their Paris boutiques last year and it completely blew me away. I love their clinical, pharmaceutical look they have to their products with the simplistic, modern and bold design. 

The first product in my top three is the forever loved Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm £18. I’ve being using this for around three years now and I absolutely adore it. This rich hand lotion completely hydrates and protects your hands removing any dry skin around the finger tips and palms. Containing ingredients such as coconut, camomile, sweet almond, lavender, orange and many more, this herbal/natural concoction uses nature to restore and balance, keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. 

What To Expect:

Aroma: lavender, herbaceous, orange

Product texture: creamy, silky

Skin feel: hydrated, greaseless, nourished

Next is the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque £27. This was given to me as a birthday present and I was so curious to try it and didn’t know what to expect. The mask is clay based which means it works well at getting all the dirt and grime out of the pores on your face. It’s formulated with antioxidants to purify and remove impurities that could be lying on top of or under the skin. It’s also very simple to use. After cleansing your face, apply a thin layer around the face and neck, leave for 15-20 minutes then use a warm cloth to remove. It’s recommended to be used twice a week for maximum performance.

What To Expect:

Aroma: lavender, herbaceous

Product texture: soft, gentle, creamy

Skin feel: deeply cleansed, refreshed, rejuvenated

Finally, another favourite of mine is the Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser £25. Now when it comes to creamy cleansers I’m very picky to which ones I like. I really like the Body Shop Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser and another from Clarins, but this one seems to shoot every other product off the top. It has a gorgeous super-soft texture that instantly smooths and calms your face. It doesn’t foam which is a bonus and clarifies your skin restoring natural hydration as well as giving it that deep clean. This in my eyes is the perfect daily cleanser. Nothing too harsh, and nothing too acidic. I would say this is perfect for almost all skin types so you should have no trouble using this. 

What To Expect:

Aroma: earthy, clean

Product texture: soft, creamy

Skin feel: polished, softened, nourished

What’s your favourite Aesop product?

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