THEY’RE FINALLY HERE! Finally in the Middlesbrough Lush store… YES I’m talking about the long awaited Oxford Street products. And I bought a load…

So if you don’t know what I mean when I say Oxford Street products, and you’re thinking what the hell is he going on about, Lush launched over 100 products for their new London shop opening a few months ago, and they have only just been released to other stores across the UK! YAY! When I heard they were down in my local store I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the new products. 

First of all I picked up two of their brand new bath bombs, The Experimenter and The Intergalactic. I loved the look of these two bath bombs and I’ve seen so many snapchats and YouTube videos of people dropping them into water (sad I know). The Experimenter has vibrant colours and smells divine, filling your bath with swirls and patterns. Containing citric acid, popping candy, vanilla and gold glitter, this luxury bath bomb will be the perfect addition to your Sunday spa evening. Moving onto The Intergalactic, this out of this world experience will take you to the moon and back (well that was poetic.. and cringey). Leaving swirls in your bath looking like you’ve stepped into the galaxy, the smell of peppermint, grapefruit and cedarwood will infuse your bathroom with a relaxing aroma. All you’ll need is a few candles and a glass of Pinot. 

Next I grabbed one of their new face masks, Cup O’Coffee, and when I found out it contained coffee (my all time favourite thing in zee world), I couldn’t wait to try it. Now this mask acts as a facial aid and an exfoliator at the same time, removing dead skin cells and dirt but also soothing and calming. Containing vanilla and coco, this chocolaty-vanillay-cofeeeeeey goodness will leave you feeling awake and revived. 

Moving on, I loved the look of their Milky Bath Bubble Bar so I threw one into my basket too. Containing one of my favourite ingredients, coco butter, along with orange and patchouli oil (which if you don’t know is a herb that belongs to the mint family), this aromatic bath essential can be used two, three, four times. Simply snap a bit of the bar off and crumble under running warm water to activate the bubbles. 

Last but not least, it’s been a while since I’ve bought one of their shower gels or lotions and since they have a bunch of new products, what better than their brand new Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream. Smelling of chocolate and orange, this zesty shower cream is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Leaving your skin smelling delicious all day, this is the perfect travel essential for those overnight trips. It saves taking a body moisturiser as it completely hydrates and softens the skin, whilst washing and protecting simultaneously. 

I’m totally in love with their new product range and I can’t wait to try more from their Oxford Street collection. Thinking about it, it won’t be long before they release their Christmas press release with what’s coming to the stores this Winter! Who’s excited??

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