When people ask, what is a blog? An online magazine, a place to write, an online diary? It’s not the easiest question, to give an answer that everyone will understand. I don’t know, everyone perceives it differently, but no matter how big or small your blog is, the culture of blogging can really change your life in more ways that you imagine…

Yes, it involves writing, a hell of a lot of it! Taking photographs, testing, reviewing, trialing, promoting, socialising, reading, editing, taking more photographs… the process goes on and on. Over the last few months I’ve being looking at blogging in a whole other perspective. I guess I’ve stopped being so tunnel visioned, and taken off the blinkers that made me only look forward, and not left and right and behind. 

I’ve started to look at what I’ve gained from it. Although I am no where near established or ‘big’ or anything like that, I’ve found some amazing friends through The G Edit. Some that have changed my life in many ways, some that have brought me to opportunities I never thought I would experience. Recently I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh Napier University for a few days with 4 other bloggers. Even though technically we were there for ‘work’, the fun and excitement and joy we all had was priceless. It brought so much happiness to us all and was an experience we’ll never forget. 

Blogging also changes your perspective in life. You start to appreciate the little things. It’s as if a third eye to the world opens. Life becomes a photograph. From a flower blossoming, to an evening sunset at the beach. You want to take photos, and write, and take more photos and write. I don’t know about anyone else, or that it may be just me, but the little things that are beautiful in life become a hell of a lot more beautiful. 

Community. If I was in a game of word association, and someone shouted blog, community would come straight to mind. From the unwritten culture, to the way you can meet another blogger and instantly bond… it’s crazy. I remember a while back when my friend Megan organised a bloggers meal for people who lived in and around Middlesbrough, and at least 80% of us didn’t know each other, but by the end of the meal it felt like we had known each other for years. It’s crazy, it really is.

And finally confidence, I know that since I started The G Edit almost 2 years ago (it’s flown by!), my confidence has risen. I remember when I first started my blog and I would only ever post links on Tumblr because I was scared what people think. Now I’m on YouTube. I mean looking back it’s crazy. Bloody crazy, and F$@K what anyone else thinks! Have the confidence to say YES, and that even though some opportunities might involve taking big risks, YES is the only answer. Confidence in making friends and connections, and sending that message you might never get a reply to, or maybe the reply you’re looking for. 

One thing that I have learnt, is that your blog should never come first place. Always runner up. Take pride and be proud of your blog and the opportunities it’s given you, but take care of the most important things in life, your family, your friends, your education… try to keep those blinkers off. 

I feel like I’ve just babbled on for the last 5 minutes (in-fact I have), but theres a meaning behind this guys! Life is about living, and giving time to those that give you it equally back, remember that xx

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