It’s not often a good mens grooming range pops up in the world of cosmetics, but I can tell you all that, BOOOM… It has arrived to the home of The G Edit, let me tell you all about it…


Simply Man Match, by Nouvelle is a purpose designed range of grooming products for men. The series of products contains hair care and skin care designed with enriching, anti-aging and toning ingredients for the modern day gentleman.

The range contains all the products a man needs to keep himself groomed and tip top, protecting the skin from what nature throws at it. All products within the range are paraben-free meaning they don’t use the commonly used synthetic preservatives most cosmetic products do. They also contain ginseng, a much loved ingredient of mine used to energise and boost tired appearances in the skin and hair.

Product Line Overview

Shampoo Doccia
Designed specifically for body and hair, this moisturising shower gel is the perfect travel toiletry with its delicate surfactants, ginseng and mineral salts to cleanse and nourish.

3 in 1 – Performance Shampoo
This shampoo is designed to balance natural oils, strengthen the hair and purify, combatting hair loss and dryness. This also stops the signs of dandruff and keeps hair healthy and strong with ginseng and mineral salts.

Wet Look Strong Gel
Personally I’m not a wet look gel fan myself, however this leaves a healthy glow, and makes styling hair so easy and fuss free. Once the hair is styled, it lasts all day long without the need for hair spray. This is perfect for short-medium hair.

Matt Grooming Paste
The matt grooming paste is designed for a long lasting natural look, something I prefer to go for. Again like other products in the range, it contains ginseng and mineral salts to give your hair energy and vitality.

Anti Aging Response Cream
The anti-aging response cream uses noisome technology to make tired skin look younger and nourished. Rich in antioxidants, this hydrating cream sinks straight into the skin leaving it smooth and toned.

3 in 1 – Performance Lotion

Designed to protect, strengthen and prevent the signs of dandruff, this regulates the production of sebum (natural oils) using panthenol, a form of vitamin B5,


This range is the perfect starter point for any man who wants to broaden their grooming products, and prefer a fuss free regime. Suited for all skin and hair types, these products really make a difference especially the hair. I found the ginseng really boosts natural oils reducing the appearance of dry, straw like hair. It makes styling so much easier and a general healthier look.

What are your favourite grooming products?

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