What To Look For In A University

Similar to yesterdays post, writing a list of things to look for when choosing a University is beneficial in the selection process…

Write your own list similar to this..

Entry Requirements – So you’re currently in college? How many points do you need to be on the course you want. My course needed 240 UCAS tariff points now if you don’t know how grades convert into points, check out this table here

Location – Where is your university? Is it near a train station? Can you travel home easy if you need to? How far away from home is it?

Education Time – How long is the course you’re looking at? Part time? Full Time? 3 Years, 4 Year? Can you take a gap year? 

University Rating – I always look around at official lists of the best Universities. These come out every year usually on The Guardian.

Student Course Fees – How much is your course fee? £5000? £7000? Are you prepared to pay that back though a student loan? Can you afford to self support your student fees?

Content – What content does the course contain? Most University websites have a break down of the course content so you can see what modules are taught (Does it contain required content for future careers?). If not, try contacting the University for a program booklet which outlines the courses they do and all the information required.

Assessments – Are you a exam person or a coursework person? Is your course exam based but you prefer coursework? Different Universities offer the same course or similar courses with different forms of examination. 

Career paths – Does the University offer support for career development? Check out different career centres and see what support they offer students for stepping stones after Uni.


… once you have selected a few courses from a few different Universities, you must…

Visit Visit Visit – travel to the Universities and see what they’re like. You can’t commit yourself to a  Uni you’ve never seen or visited. You could love the look of internet photographs but hate it in real life. It’s very important you check out the campus and what’s around it too. Is there a local Tesco/food shop? Where’s the student scene? Transport?

Talk to the course leaders, lecturers and mentors – While you’re visiting your selected Universities, talk to the lecturers. Ask them questions about the course and don’t be afraid. If you think your question sounds stupid, still ask it! Or you may go home regretting it.

Work experience/placements and gap years – Does the University offer any placements or experience. Check out their extra curricular activities, clubs and societies. 

Fall in love with the location – If you’re moving away, make sure its not just the Uni you take into consideration. Check out local shopping districts, entertainment, culture etc. Fall in love with the location you’re in not just the Uni. 

Trust your gut – Don’t let anyone else influence you, trust your instincts. 

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