Moving Away vs. Staying At Home

Probably one of the biggest decisions when it comes to choosing a University is whether to move away or stay at home…

Back three years ago (wow it feels so long) when it was my turn to decide what to do, there were certain factors that I had to debate, to come to the decision to stay at home. I literally sat there one day and wrote a list of the pro’s and con’s with my current situation and what was best to do.

It kinda went something like this…



  • A new environment
  • Meeting new people
  • Living on my own
  • Getting more involved in activities
  • Independance
  • Making your own decisions
  • Responsibility for your own time/money
  • Student loan would go towards living/rent/food


  • Money Money Money
  • Financing
  • Have to sell my car
  • Have to quit my job then get another
  • More bills to pay
  • Own shopping, cleaning etc.
  • Support
  • Moving away from family and friends

When I sat and looked at my list, for my own situation I felt staying at home was best for me. I had a stable job, a car and a close group of friends at the time and leaving those parts of my life was something I wasn’t quite ready to do. Sometimes I do think and wonder what things would be like if I did move away but staying at home ISN’T a regret at all.

Staying at home meant I could keep my job, car, student loan, close to my family and friends and many more benefits. I totally support people going away to uni because everyones circumstances are different and so will everyone’s pro’s and con’s list… so I hope this little idea of writing down what you gain and lose will help you make the right decision.

RULE #1: Don’t follow your friends. Make the decision based around yourself and not other people. University is a place where you realise who your real friends are and you see who makes the real effort to stay in contact.

RULE #2: Take time to decide. Research and work out your finances. Are your parents going to support you with money? Or will you be supporting yourself? Will you be getting a job while you’re there? 

Has this post helped you? What helped you choose whether to stay at home or move away?

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