Making The Most Out Of University

So you’ve chosen your Uni, weighed out the pro’s and con’s, got your bag prepared and now it’s time to make the most out of it…

No matter how stressful times can get with exams, revision and assignments… a HUGE and I mean huge part of University is to go out and have fun. Experience new things and meet new people. Learn from what different people have to say about their lives and experiences. 

Since I love a good list, why not end this little series with a big list of what to do while you’re at Uni!

  1. Have a crazy party/karaoke night at yours or your friends student accommodation
  2. Hand in an assignment early (it feels so good)
  3. Go on a date with someone who isn’t your type 
  4. Make your most out of the time in the library, then stash your bag and go out to the pub
  5. Join a sports team
  6. Join a crazy society
  7. Have an epic picnic on the University field/green space
  8. Have a course meal at a local restaurant 
  9. Make a closed group on Facebook, for sharing study notes, bitching about lecturers and sharing notifications
  10. Apply for an internship/placement – it looks great for employers 
  11. Go to the pub and have a bottle of wine in your gap between lecturers, then turn up mortal
  12. Get involved in some kind of university parade/performance
  13. Get your course to dress up for uni one day! Pick a theme; the simpsons, scooby doo…
  14. Win a pub quiz at your students union 
  15. Embrace student discount in every shop you go in – don’t forget your free cheeseburger at McDonalds
  16. Read a book that isn’t for study
  17. Get a part time job
  18. Make the most out of your freshers week every year, and carry it on for the next fortnight
  19. Take part in your freshers fair, and take every freebee you can
  20. HAVE FUN!

Let me know what else you’d add to this list! 

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