Before we knew it, day 3 had came upon us, and it was time to end our experience at Edinburgh Napier University, but we had plenty in store before we packed our bags, keep reading…

Today was the last day of our trip and we were all sad to say goodbye to Edinburgh City and Napier University, so we aimed to get as much stuffed into our last day as we could.

First of all we went to their third and final campus to experience what facilities they have for those who wish to study Medical and Sports related degrees. As we walked to the Nursing and Midwiffery centre, it was as if we were walking into a hospital ward. The facilities were designed to be as real life as they could, with real nursing resources, NHS suppliers for their teaching facilities and much  much more. Napier University have also heavily invested in state of the art Human Sim’s (very posh dummies), that can replicate real life hospital situations, from a cardiac arrest to a human birth. This is insane technology that only few Universities are equipped with across the country.

After we had our tour around this department, we went to one of their science labs to extract DNA from a piece of fruit. This was so interesting learning about the process behind extracting DNA, and how it can be applied to things such as human cells and bacteria.

We then moved onto the Sports Science department, where again, they have heavily invested in state of the art technology and equipment to maximise student learning and research. From environmental chambers that can change temperature and air pressure, to photography rigs that can create 3D images of sports positions, we were all in awe about how well equipped the University was. After a few fun agility games, we were all worn out and ready for some food!

Before we headed out to our restaurant for the evening, we took a stop by the Camera Obscuras Museum. This is unlike any I’ve been to before. There are 7 floors of mysterious holograms, illusions and light tricks, but the roof top was my ultimate favourite. We sat through a 15 minute show, with their Edinburgh Camera Obscura. This was reflecting onto a large white dish where the lady showed us a tour of Edinburgh, all from one roof top camera. We were all blown away with it and was an awesome end to the trip.

To finish the day, we all went for our final meal at The Killer Indian Restaurant. I’m a sucker for indian food and it is by far my favourite cuisine. They claim to have the hottest curry in the country, over 50x hotter than the Naga chilli, and although I love spicy food, that was too spicy for me to try. The staff at the restaurant showed us their plans for development as well as their brand new Indian buffet next door that’s opening soon!

Edinburgh Napier University has really opened my eyes for studying away, and makes me debate moving onto further education in another city. If you’re looking for a University with state of the art facilities, incredible night life, shops, bars and restaurants… Edinburgh is the place to study. In my honest opinion, I loved every second of being there and has really been an eye-opening experience.

If you want to see more about what we got up to, check out my VLOG here. I had so much fun making it so I hope you enjoy it.

Ps. Finally a big big thank you to all the staff that took us around the University including Rachel and Michelle xxx

If you’re interested in studying at Napier University or want to find out more, visit here or call 0333 900 3050

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Disclaimer: This trip was paid for and sponsored by Edinburgh Napier University. All opinions and views mentioned throughout the post are honest and my own. 



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