Last week me and a bunch of my favourite NE bloggers were lucky enough to experience the life at Edinburgh Napier University. For the next three days, I will be showing you all what we got up to in the University and around the City…

Once we arrived at the University campus, we were shown to our apartment and rooms. I could’t believe how modern and spacious their university campus and accommodation was. My room had it’s own three quarter bed, work space, wardrobe and en suite bathroom (YES EN SUITE!). Straight away I unpacked and got myself ready for the day, I knew we were in for a long one!

The University staff, Rachel and Michelle first of all took us to the University School of Music, then Computing and Engineering. The facilities on campus were incredible. From 3D printers, to computer labs with over 800 work stations in, not to mention 24hr access to certain rooms and equipment on site. The music school had state of the art recording and performing technology, even wireless music recording equipment meaning they can record music in one room whilst playing it from another, in another building on campus. This was insane to see how things have developed in the industry, and what technology can do.

Next it was time for lunch. The university staff hosted a delicious spread of food including spicy chicken, cheese, ham, coleslaw and much more. After we filled our stomachs, we then went to an employability work shop. This was with one of the University lecturers that helped students develop non-academic skills to help gain career opportunities. We all agreed this was a really interesting workshop and felt it was quite therapeutic with some of the activities we were doing to learn about ourselves, and an outlook to our own skills and abilities. This just showcased some of the extra curricular sessions they have at Napier, not only teaching students but helping them develop employability skills alongside their degree. 

As the day went on, we went back to the student accommodation where we ordered Domino’s Pizzas! Mmmmmm. My favourite!

Finally to finish the day, we got a taxi into the City of Edinburgh and went to one of the Fringe Festival comedy shows. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day. I had never been to the Fringe before but heard so much about it. The comedian we went to see was called Joe Lycott, and he was absolutely hilarious! I’m one of those people who only like a certain humour, and he nailed it on the head. 

Day 1 couldn’t have been more of an eye-opener to the City and we were all so excited to see what day 2 had in store! If you want to see what we did one day 2, check out tomorrows post!

If you’re interested in studying at Napier University or want to find out more, visit here or call 0333 900 3050


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Disclaimer: This trip was paid for and sponsored by Edinburgh Napier University. All opinions and views mentioned throughout the post are honest and my own. 



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