I love a mini haul. One of those times you see a few bits and bobs and think, what the heck. Well I had one of those moments at Lush Sunderland (The Bridges) the other week, this is what went down…

Whenever I step foot into a Lush store it is impossible for me to just walk out without one of their paper bags filled with goodies. I mean who can resist stocking up on your favourite bath bombs, masks and body care. To be honest, on this occasion I was on my best behaviour and only picked up a few things (only a few I promise)

First of all I purchased my favourite favourite favourite all time favourite bath bomb. The Dragon Egg £3.35. Not many people have this as their favourite and even though it makes your bath look like wee, it smells amazing and completely hydrates my skin leaving it feeling cleansed and soft. When you drop it into the water, little circles of colour explode from the bomb giving you a multi-coloured swirl as the bomb fizzes away, smelling of lemon and bergamot. YAYY. 

Next I picked up something that was recommended to me by one of the Lush staff in the store, the Cosmetic Lad Facial Moisturiser £12.50. I love a good moisturiser especially one that reduces shaving rashes and irritation, as my neck is a b*tch for that. It doesn’t have the best of scents but it instantly smooths and hydrates on application keeping you moisturised all day. Is moisturised even a word? It doesn’t sound right… Just me?

Moving on, I picked up a product that I’ve never used before but really intrigued me. Zalamazoo £6.50. This is a beard and facial wash aimed for obviously men, but the guy at Lush informed me that it is very popular among women too due to it’s cleansing properties and delicious scent. Containing pineapple and almond oil, it instantly nourishes your skin leaving it silky soft ready for a good nights sleep. 

Finally and last but not least, I was given at the counter one of their amazing fresh masks, BB Seaweed £6.50. Their fresh masks are incredible for giving that luxury feeling of instant refreshment. If you’re not familiar with what fresh masks are, they are kept in the fridge and only last a few days but they are perfect for that Sunday pamper routine. Containing seaweed, rose, aloe and honey, it smooths and restores natural oils, calming the skin gently exfoliating simultaneously. 

And thats it!

Have you seen something you like? What are your favourite Lush products?

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