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Shopping, shopping, shopping – my second most favourite thing, first being eating – and when those two things come together… dayum girl, it’s going to be a good night!


I was invited along to The Bridges, Sunderland with my chum Megan from Thumbelina Lillie to experience their brand new late night shopping – there’s nothing better than a good late night browse in your favourite shops especially after a long day at work.

We started the evening off by meeting and greeting with fellow bloggers, journalists and the marketing team at The Bridges. It was really nice getting to know everyone especially people with similar interests and ambitions. But I think one thing we all had in common was shopping and food. The marketing team had an amazing spread of nibbles and bubbly – not to mention krispy kreme’s!! I mean holy crap they are my favourite.

The Bridges have only just started late night shopping on a Thursday till 8pm, hoping to allow people with a busy lifestyle to still find the time to shop making it more convenient for them. As a little treat we were taken down to their Lush store to meet the staff and do some fun activities. Firstly we all made a bubble bar, mixing the ingredients and moulding them into shape. It was sooooooo much fun and interesting! We then had a hand exfoliation and massage whilst talking about what products would suit my skin the best. To find out what I bought, keep an eye out for next weeks post. 

Finally we did some more shopping and the evening was over! It was an absolute pleasure meeting the guys at The Bridges and they have some fantastic things in store for the centre so get yourselves down there and find out what it’s all about! Why not tweet about your experience there? Take a selfie or a picture of what you’ve bought and tag #wearherelater at @thebridgesshop.

Click here to find out what shops they have there.




Have you ever been to The Bridges? Also, what is your favourite Lush product?

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