There is so much buzz and excitement over the Sunday Riley Luna it would have been wrong not to try this. I’ve been looking for something to splash out on and buying this could’nt have been more perfect. Why you may ask? Keep reading, I’ll tell you…

I remember the day this was announced and it sounded like a magic potion in a bottle. All I kept hearing was ‘amazing blue facial oil’, ‘instant results’ and more 100% positive comments. But when I saw the price tag I was a little.. eeeeeek and not in the excited way. This must be by far the most expensive product I’ve ever bought but I can tell you all now. It was worth it. So so worth it.

As I’ve said many occasions, your skin is worth the investment, and if something is proven to actually work then why not spend the money on it? Am I right? 

The Sunday Riley Luna – Sleeping Night Oil is designed to reduce pore size, even skintone, reduce the appearance of ageing skin and all round give it some glow. Now there’s a lot more behind the formula than the facial oil makes out. It contains an ingredient called Trans-Retinol Ester (otherwise known as Hydroxpinacolone Retinoate (HPR)) which is similar to Retinoids. Now the way this works is by stimulating the natural collagen production, stopping wrinkles and skin tone change. It acts as a shield as well as repairing, making it feel firmer, plump and healthy. 

It also contains an oil called Blue Tansy which gives it that deep blue colour, helping repair and protect the skin. It’s great for people who suffer with eczema or dry patches. It has a very herby scent yet somehow also smells floral at the same time. When spending this amount on a product a smell can really be off-putting but I really do like it. 


Trans-Retinol Ester – for the wrinkles, fine lines, dark patches and loss of elasticity
Blue Tansy – To heal damaged and aged skin, anti-inflammatory and hydration
German Chamomile – inflamed, irritated skin
Avocado Seed Oil – Vitamins B, C, D, E, and A
Chia Seed Oil – Omega 3
Cape Chamomile – Helps skin irritation and encourages healthy inflammatory response

In terms of ‘does it do the job?’, I can tell you now I saw results the next morning.. instantly. It really made my skin look a lot healthier and a dewy appearance. Do I think it’s worth the £85 price tag? Yes and No. If you can afford it and skincare is something you enjoy investing in, then 100%. It works amazing and really does give instant results. If you can’t really afford this or you’re new to luxe skincare. Then maybe wait a little. Experiment with other products and see what ingredients work for you. 

But for me, an absolute 10/10.

Have you ever tried any Sunday Riley products?

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