Hello all, and welcome to a new series I like to call, Edit 5. Today I’m going to give you all my top 5 tips for taking photos for Instagram. These aren’t any professional skills that need expensive equipment for, just a few tips and tricks to help you get the perfect shot.

Now I love Instagram, it’s the first social media I click on when I wake up and probably the application I close last thing at night (eeeee todays generation). It’s amazing! PS. If you don’t already follow me, I’m at ‘thisisgiannic‘. I’m quite anal with my Instagram and tend to have things quite the similar theme, but more will be discussed later, so get yourself a digestive, sit yourself down with a cuppa, and here is the Edit 5 for taking pictures for your Instagram.


People get a little scared about this word, but all it means is how you take your photo. Now are you going for a clean, simple look or something a little bit more interesting in the background? Have you thought about how the subject of your photo is positioned? Or what angle you’re taking the photo from? I like to use downward angles or birds eye view on my desk when I’m taking a photo of lots of bits and bobs. Or on the side if its a single product. I prefer clean backgrounds so the subject is the main thing with no distractions, but this is just my style. Do you prefer textured or patterned backgrounds? Wrapping paper or fabric is always a good idea.


Linking to composition, you need to think about depth of field. Make the most out of ‘tap to focus’ on your camera. If you tap the screen where you want the most focus on your photo, the quality of the picture will be a lot better. I take soooooooo many photos that are slightly (or a lot) out of focus and by simply tapping on the subject, it will completely transform it, as well as correcting exposure and white balance.

Take Lots

One of my obsessions when taking a photo is taking lots of them. I am never completely happy with the first picture I take, so I take an awful lot. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of because it gives you a nice big range to choose from. Is the exposure too bright, is the subject out of frame? These are the questions you may ask yourself when selecting so having a nice big portfolio of images will help you get the best shot every time.

App App App

There are so many cool photo editing apps on the market the list is endless, but there are a few I always go back to. The first one and most obvious for editing my Instagram photos is Instagram. Each update has better filters, modes and functions to get the best out of your photo. Next is VSCOcam (which can I add, is FREE to download). This is similar to the Instagram filters function but you have so much more to choose from. You can also download and buy packs of filters so you can get your signature style. Another app that’s very cheap which I love to use is Afterlight. Now this reminds me of a mobile version of Adobe Lightroom (simplified). It’s perfect for tweaking and editing photos before you upload them. It’s Instagram friendly and gives you them extra features that other apps don’t.

Be Unique

Shake it up. Build your own style and theme throughout your Instagram. Make it personal to you and let it showcase your memories and interests. I love to use Instagram as somewhere people can go to get a glimpse of what my blog is all about. But you can make yours whatever you want. Be creative, take lots of photos and enjoy editing them. Use hash tags to get them noticed and make a quirky caption to go with it.

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