Haircare is something I love trying out, especially when it’s a matching shampoo and conditioner. There’s something about having matching packaging that drags me into a purchase (is that just me?), keep reading and find out what I think of the Toni&Guy Cleanse, Nourish and Glamour Trio…

As many of you who are long time readers of gianniC/The G Edit, you’ll know I have quite fine hair and finding the right products to protect and look after it is essential to me. Hair is like skin, you only have it once so take care of it. Until a few weeks ago I had never tried Toni&Guy products but they always got my attention on the shelves in my local Boots store. I picked up the Cleanse Shampoo For Fine Hair, Nourish Conditioner For Fine Hair and the Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray

Now some shampoo’s and conditioner’s that are designed to give volume and aid fine hair tend to clog up your hair making it feel thick and clumpy (in other words absolutely s-h-i-t), however these two are completely the opposite. After first use, your hair feels naturally thick, and allows other products to work into them really well. When I say other products, for me it’s mainly wax and hair spray. They work together really well creating a frizz free, volumised appearance without looking like you’ve just been electrocuted. 

With these two products mixed with the hair spray, a glossy bounce is added giving it a long lasting, tidy all round look. I absolutely love this hair spray from the fine application to the long lasting hold. It has amazing packaging with an amazing product inside of it. 10/10 for Toni&Guy!

Have you ever used Toni&Guy? What are your favourite products?

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