After an incredibly busy, hectic and emotional week, it is now time to put my feet up and crack on with The G Edit. I have so much planned content but so little time to actually execute. So here’s my solution! I love lists. Shopping lists, to-do lists, OMFG-I-need-to-write-these-assignments list, you name it! So to get my shit together, guess what I’m going to write… 

Before I start blabbering on, is it just me or the phrase “I’m going to write a…” just makes you want to say letter off White Chicks? Just me? Thought so! They say that pen and paper is a thing of the past, and the digital age is taking over, but I feel like there’s something about writing that gives a sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing better than drawing a great big tick next to one of your ‘to-do’s’ once you know you’ve finished. So… 

NUMBER 1: My aim over the holidays is to blog at least three times a week. Whether that be a short review, long review, lifestyle post, DIY, recipe or a general chit-chat, you name it! I feel like getting back into a routine with blogging will help be become more grounded with my organisation with every day life. At the moment, I’m a little bit here and everywhere, and structure would do me some good. 

NUMBER 2: See more of my friends! I have being working so much lately I’ve forgot what friends are! I’m joking, however I have a lot of friends I’ve been meaning to catch up with, so a dinner date is on the cards. 

NUMBER 3: Cook to blog. I remember a couple of years back I would be baking every day of the week. I absolutely loved it! Brownies, cakes, biscuits, savoury you name it! And I want to blog about it too. I’ve done a few baking posts on The G Edit and to be honest I miss them. They are so fun to do and you can get really creative. I love learning about other recipies from other bloggers and by doing my own, I like to think I’m contributing to this network in other ways.

NUMBER 4: Travel more! I want to do a lot more fashion shoots and posts for The G Edit and finding interesting locations is so much fun. I have so much respect for fashion bloggers throwing out 3 posts a week with a brand new outfit because taking outfit photos takes so much time and effort! Mega respect! 

NUMBER 5: Write weekly to-do lists! This list is quite generalised and more of things I want to do over the holidays, but I feel like doing a weekly to do list with smaller and more easily achievable things will help me get-shit-done

So tell me guys, do you like to-do lists? Do you prefer hand written ones or mobile phone apps? Or do you just do them in your head? Let me know!

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