Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve had a few people as me “How do you start a blog?”. So today I thought I’d share my tips (everyones thoughts are different) for what to do if you fancy starting a blog of your own…

1) Choose what platform you want to blog with. I think choosing your blogging platform is one of the most important things to consider first. I use Blogger which is by Google and I feel that for me this is the perfect foundation for my blog. It’s easy to write posts, code layouts, edit themes and so much more. Some of you out there may love platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr, but Blogger is the one for me. You can also at this point buy a personalised domain to take away that ‘’ or ‘’ out of your URL. You can use websites such as 123-Reg to do this. 

2) Okay, so you’ve chosen your platform, now what are you going to blog about? What is the interest that has made you want to blog? Is it beauty, skincare, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, travel? I’d recommend trying to stay to one topic at first so people can build up recognition to what your blog is about. You can also build up your brand around this which will be mentioned in step 3.

3) Step 3! Building your brand. When you think of a brand things such as Topshop or Starbucks may pop into your head, but when you start a blog you are essentially building a brand of yourself. Next on the list is choosing a name. I recommend something that isn’t long. Some people choose something with their name or initial in like me, where others base theirs on interest and theme. Word of warning, try and be 100% sure of your blog name, otherwise you’ll make the mistake I did by changing it after two years and trust me, it’s a lot harder than you can imagine! Your name will also be the thing that people recognise with your blog and social media, so make it catchy and memorable. 

4) So you now have your platform, your interest and your blog name. What’s next? Your theme. There are plenty of themes out there, and if you or someone you know is a HTML genius you could do it yourself. I coded my own theme at first until I came across PipDig which is an amazing service for easily customisable blog themes. Take a look they are fantastic!

5) So you’re essentially all set up! Now you need to get your tool kit together. Now I have myself a bloggers tool kit that is the basic things I need to blog, and I highly recommend purchasing these obviously all depending on what you can afford. These aren’t essential but they help me an awful lot. A DSLR camera. You can get some amazing pictures with a DSLR that you can’t get with your standard point and shoot, but again this isn’t a necessity, instead more of a luxury. Your laptop/computer. I use a Macbook Pro because I love the Apple operating system and editing tools, but that’s just personal preference. And a ‘bloggers notebook’ to jot down all of your post ideas, thoughts and places of interest. 

6) Get yo ass on social media! Change your social media accounts or make new ones with relevance to your blog. Try and keep the same accounts with the same name so for example, if your blog name is ‘ABC Beauty’, you should make your social media accounts @ABCBeauty too so people can easily find you. This is all about effective networking and when you start to work with PR companies and brands, they like this kinda stuff because they can easily find you.

7) Content, content, content. It’s all about the content! So your blog and social media is sorted. Now it’s time to write. Rule number 1. Do NOT try and copy someone else’s writing style. Be yourself. Of course other blogs can be used as inspiration but try to be yourself in everything you do and write. People like individuality and it can be recognised through writing. Try and be original with your ideas and interests and make it personal. After all, a blog is part of you and it’s your little space on the internet. Try and be consistent with your posts, how much time to blog do you have? If not a lot, try and blog once a week on a certain day. By doing this, your readers know when you’ll have your next post out so they will know when to come back. 

8) Grow. Sign up to services such as Bloglovin so people can follow you and get up to date notifications when you publish a new post. Sign up to GoogleAds or Affiliate Window to earn revenue from product reviews. Join in on Twitter chats and #FF (Follow Friday) so you build your awareness. Sign up to your favourite brands newsletters to get the 411 on what’s happening. There are so many opportunities through blogging and I am so grateful for the ones I have experienced up to now. Blogging is so much more than writing a post on the internet but a whole culture and network. It’s exciting stuff. 

I hope this post has answered questions a few of you out there may have. Let me know if this has helped you and if you like ‘tip’ posts like this? Are you new to blogging? Let me know your URL. 

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