I remember when I was in my graphics class one day at school, and my teacher said this strange word that I didn’t know the meaning of. I raised my hand and asked “Sir what does that mean?” and he replied, “Keeping things consistent”. And that’s where my passion for continuity came from…

A strange story I know, but very true. It all started one day in my graphics class which changed my outlook to design and branding. I have always studied creative courses and still currently studying Marketing at degree level (ps. second year is officially over woop woop), and I take pride in making my work consistent in quality and appearance. 

A few days ago, I noticed my username for my social media accounts were different, my Twitter was @gianni_c, my Instagram was @giannic_, my Tumblr was giannicblog and my Pinterest was just giannic. Although these are all similar, for people to find me on social media, it would be a bit of a puzzle to find the right one. So I changed it. Simple. But not so simple, across the different platforms I couldn’t find one that people hadn’t already taken. But after a lot of changing descriptions and recoding, I managed to change all of the links to @thisisgiannic. By doing this it kept my social media platforms consistent and now I can be found easily on all the platforms I’m active on. 

Now if you’re feeling the same way I did, and fancy a change. Here are some ways you can keep yourself consistent, when your first choice isn’t available:

If your name/company name is taken, you can:

  • Add ‘The’ (@Thegianni)
  • Add ‘Iam’ (@Iamgianni)
  • Add ‘We are’ (@WeAregianni)
  • Add ‘This Is’ (@ThisIsgianni)
  • Add a company name (@gianniphotography)
  • Abbreviate (@GP)
  • For business accounts, add HQ (@gianniHQ)
  • Use your domain name (@thegedituk)
  • Or even relate it to the internet (giannidigital, gianniwww, giannionline)

By doing this, you have less change of someone already using the username, therefore creating consistency and creating a recognisable brand. If you haven’t done this already I recommend you do now, especially if you are like me in the early stages of blogging. 

I hope these tips have proven useful to some of you or hopefully all of you! Let me know your social media usernames…


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