Money Money Money – oh.. and budgeting. But student budgeting is a whole other story, and usually people drop their heads when the two words are put together. Keep reading because I have some tips for you to keep your bank balance nice and healthy …

Now I am literally the worst person ever for money advice, but lately I’ve being doing a few little tweaks to my spending that has seriously made an improvement to my bank account. I will be the first to admit I live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, and sometimes I could really do with a slap across my chops when I’m at the counter of SpaceNK or All Saints. So this is the perfect time to start saving and here are my money saving tips that have really got me in healthy figures the last few months… 

Sit down and think! 

Ask yourself, where does the majority of my money go? Petrol? Food? Drink? Night’s out? Cosmetics? We all have our guilty pleasures we tend to spend more than we should on. For me it’s 110% eating out. I must eat out around lets say, 3 times a week. And I’m not talking about a Tesco meal deal, I mean lunch in a restaurant with my friends and family. Because I work a lot, I tend to value my time with friends so going out for some food is a great way to socialise. Lately, I’ve being chipping in with friends to buy ingredients, to make our own food! Stir-frys and fajitas are so easy and very tasty. You literally save yourself at least a quarter of the price you’d pay at a restaurant and it’s a hell of a lot more fun! 

Check out your statements! 

Now it really shocks you when you check out what you’ve actually bought in the last month. It’s scary to be honest when you see Starbucks pop up 5 times within a fortnight, those £4 coffees add up. Like a lot. Also… double check what direct debits and standing orders are set up. I found out I was still paying for my old iPad’s insurance the other day when I got rid of it 6 months ago! 

Make the most out of your loyalty cards! 

It is now easier than ever to use loyalty cards because most shops have mobile apps that act as your loyalty card so you have them all in one place. I’m sure we can all agree, the Boots Advantage Card is a common favourite, and for good reason! I save my points up till the end of the year, or when I see something I really want, I can use them to save myself the money I would have spent. As Tesco says, every little helps!

Look for the bargains! 

I tend to look ahead in the future when I see an offer in the shop. For example, Sure Mens Deodorant. I class this as a necessity not a luxury, and if it’s buy one get one half price. I’ll get the two, because in a few weeks when it runs out, the offer may not be there but I’ll have to buy one anyway. This may be a backward thinking, probably incorrect logic behind offers, but in the long run all those extra pennies add up!

Make budgeting a part of your life! 

There are plenty of mobile apps, organisers, web services and programs that can help you budget, so make the most of them! Add up what you’re spending, and see what you can save on. Make the most out of your online banking and keep an eye on your funds. Treat yourself when you deserve it, and save the pennies when you don’t.

I hope this little bit of money saving advice is helpful, especially for you fellow students out there. Next time you pick up that brand new cleanser or nail varnish out there, say to yourself “Do I really need this? Like realllllly need this?” and let your purse stay full!

What are your budgeting tips?

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