If I’m ever traveling away overnight, there’s no need to bring your drawer of remedies and skincare potions with you, only the bare necessities are needed. So today, I’m going to run through my key essential overnight stay wash bag products…

My main priority when packing my wash bag is making sure every product in there is something I actually need! Now things change depending on where I’m going, the condition of my skin at the time and the weather so it does vary, however these are my main priority products I like to take with me.

Starting off, deodorant. Let’s face it this is probably one of the most important products to carry with you. You can’t be going to your meeting or staying overnight with your lover smelling of body odour, especially now the weather is starting to get better. I like to use the L’Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme. This completely does the job! Smells great and stops you sweating. I’ve being using this one for over 4 years now so if you’re looking for something new, try it out! Next is another fragrance product and this is for you to use the minute you leave the hotel door. I like to bring along with me the Ralph Lauren Red. It’s a long lasting staple that I have again used for many years. I never seem to get sick of the spicy fragrance. Very masculine yet elegant at the same time.

Now when it comes to grooming, I like to keep my stubble medium length around my face but shave underneath my chin to keep it tidy and shaped. To do this I use the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball. It’s great for shaping and getting that perfect shave. This razor doesn’t leave me with any irritation too which is a biggy with me as my skin seems to flare up the majority of the time I shave. I use this alongside the Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel for that perfect gentle shave.

Next is skincare! I like to use the travel size, Balance Me Cleansing Balm, Aesop B & Tea Toner, Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser and for any dry skin, blemishes or chapped lips, the Protocol Miracle Balm. I think these products do the job for an overnight routine. They all keep my skin clean and fresh, and the Miracle Balm is a multipurpose product for any problems I may be having. I like to take with my L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream too just incase my hands get a little dry too.

For my hair I like to take with me the Bed Head Hair Wax. Again, another product I’ve being using for years. It’s perfect for people with medium thickness hair who like a matt finish with a strong hold. Finally to brush my teeth I use my Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush. I literally love this product! It has wireless charging, 5 cleaning modes and a travel case that doubles up as a charger. I’ve definitely noticed a difference since using this and it fits perfect into my wash bag. For those of you wondering where my wash bag is from, I bought it at www.herschel.com.

So that’s about it! My wash bag essentials. If you’re looking to buy something for yourself or a man of the family, I highly recommend all of these products. I will be doing individual reviews on some of these in the near future so stick around and keep an eye out for those. Also if you haven’t noticed, there are a few changes to gianniC and there will be more over the coming month. I am rebranding the blog hoping to make it look a lot better and a lot better for new and upcoming content this year. Let me know what you want to see from gianniC, blog post ideas? Content? You name it, and I’ll try my best to do it!


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*Some products featured in this post are sponsored, however all views and opinions are my own*