When I think of my week, ‘work’ normally comes to mind. Either that me University, my actual job or my blog. Finding the balance to have some ‘me’ time can be hard, but it’s only just became a lot easier…

I thought today I’d sit down and write a bit about what’s actually happening in the life of Gianni at the moment, no review, no favourites, just a good old chit-chat. First things first, I have just finished my final assignment at University, therefore… second year is now finally over *Sigh of relief*. Bring on the Pinot Grigio and a packet of chocolate covered raisins. Oh yes, I said it. It literally feels like yesterday I was writing my blog post about first year being over, how time flies! 

Having the weight of university off my shoulders for five months, I can now concentrate a lot more on gianniC and bring my content back up to standard. I feel like I’ve pushed this aside for a few months now, which in a way is probably the wise thing to do, but now I can put my whole attention on it. Bring on summer 15 in the blogosphere. Who knows what it will have in store?

What else is new? Well I’ve recently give some sparkle to gianniC and the way it looks. I bought a template off Pipdig (which by the way, is the most professional, EASY service ever with amazing designs), and after a few hours of giving it a bit of my own loving, I am so happy with the way it’s turned out. It’s also optimised to work so smooth with mobile devices, take a look! I highly recommend anyone looking for some blog TLC to head over and see what’s available. 

Well come back and keep an eye out for some brand new skincare reviews, fashion staples and some more interior inspiration on the way in the next two months! It’s going to be a gudden!

Let me know what you have planned for the next few months? Have you finished uni too?


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