I’ve been blogging long enough now that I’ve learnt a thing or two that saves me so much time and makes my content a lot more effective especially on social media. Keep a look out for my little Blogging Tips series of the things I’ve learnt in the last 16 months…

Blogging Tips #1 – Social Media

Scheduling Posts: 

There is a lot of if’s and but’s when it comes to scheduling among bloggers. People say it’s lack of creativity and if people schedule it means you’re not a ‘proper’ blogger, but to me its a whole load of rubbish *fist emoji*. Firstly you are still creative, because you still wrote that post when you had that creative flare, you just didn’t share it immediately, and two, it’s silly not to schedule because it saves you time to actually think about your posts instead of rushing to get one out there on time. If you use Blogger, you can find the schedule tab on the right hand side of your new post window, try it!!

Scheduling Tweets: 

Following on from scheduling, doing the same thing to your Twitter account is hugely effective too. I use a fantastic website called TweetDeck which is a fantastic platform for promoting your blog and keeping ahead of yourself. I try to post around 4 ‘Latest Post’ tweets a day across peak times to promote my new content, then usually one or two general links to my blog. I feel this more than enough otherwise you’ll be filling your Twitter feed up and your followers will get sick of seeing the same old stuff.


Relating to the whole tweeting topic, I like to post images with my tweets. When your readers are scrolling through their newsfeed, images stand out a lot more than plain text, and give the reader an insight to what your latest content is about. If you’re talking about a brand new lipstick or a recent clothing haul, show them a preview of what to expect from the post, or the main post photo. This engages them a lot more and you’ll find tweets with an image will receive a lot more traffic than those that don’t. 

Hashtag #:

When it comes to promoting your posts, it’s all about getting it out there. One of the easiest ways to connect with people who have similar interests is using a hashtag. Now for those of you who don’t know what a hashtag is (I highly doubt I need to explain this to 99% of you guys), it’s a word with a hash (#) before it, that links to a feed with any other tweets with the same tag in. For bloggers, hashtags are an essential. Commonly used ones across the blogosphere are:

– #bbloggers (Beauty Bloggers)

– #fbloggers (Fashion Bloggers)

– #lbloggers (Lifestyle Bloggers)

– #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

– #interorinspo (Interoir Inspiration)

The list goes on forever, but using hashtags can connect you with people looking for the same content as you’re creating. It’s a really effective tool to help the right people find you.

Stay Social:

You’re wanting people to interact with you, right? Well interact with them! Being social works both ways. Search the hashtags yourself and find out what people are talking about. Comment on other peoples posts, reply to tweets and follow people with similar interests. Sign up to Bloglovin to follow blogs of interest and keep up to date with their latests posts, and likewise for you, promote your blog through Bloglovin so they can connect with you too. 

I hope you like this kind of post. I’m no where near a blogging expert but these are some honest tips that have helped me so far. Let me know if you want to see more posts like this, with a different topic area each time. Thanks for reading, your love means the world.


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