You’re probably thinking from the title, what on earth are you going to be talking about today, but my on going search for a anti-frizz, anti-curl, anti-BADHAIRDAY product has came to an end. I’ve found it…

As frequent readers will know, my hair is the bane of my life. It’s on the fine side and instantly curls up whenever I blow dry it, but not anymore *smirking face emoji*. I have found the solution! The Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry, is a balm that you apply onto your freshly washed hair, then with a comb/brush blow dry in. It acts like a serum that protects the hair when you’re blow drying it but also keeping it straight with a healthy shine. The best thing is not a lot of product is actually needed so the tube lasts forever! For people who want extra straightness, finish off with your straighteners and a flat brush. 

Now there are three products in this range for different hair types, Straight Blow (Which I have), Repair Blow and All Style Blow. Click on the links to find out more!

For £23 each, this is a fantastic price for a really effective product!

Have you ever used Bumble and Bumble? What are your favourite products?


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