There’s nothing I like better than watching new stores open for brands I adore, and recently I was invited along to the grand opening of The Body Shop Metro centre, for their amazing new pulse store, keep reading to find out what’s new in store…

As you can see from the picture at the start, the traditional green store front has been stripped away and now replaced with this ultra modern, contemporary appearance of The Body Shop, and I can tell you now walking up to the store was a pleasure in itself. Not only is it a hell of a lot bigger than the previous Metro Centre store, but its high ceilings allow so much more light into the store and space for lots and lots of products! 

The store was opened by a local hero Katie Cutler and store manager Kate Ainsley, and with the cut of a ribbon, the shop flooded with exciting customers, press and a few bloggers like myself. There was also a live singer giving an energetic atmosphere to the store which was brilliant.

Not only the brand new store being a surprise, they have some brand new products ready for purchase. The Vitamin E Collection has had a bit of a facelift with a patriotic themed Mother Day design which is perfect for anyone looking for a few extras for their Mum. In addition, a few extras to the collection were launched including my personal favourite, the Limited Edition Eye Cube. With one wipe across the bottom of your eyes, it completely takes away the appearance of tiredness. Infusing your skin with Vitamin E and essential oils including wheatgerm, this lightweight application instantly revives and refreshes. 

There was also a chance to preview a product from the Green Tea Collection that will be arriving to the stores in the next few weeks which was very exciting, along with many more new products coming to the store. 

If you live near the Metro Centre or planning a trip up very soon, make sure you pop into the new Pulse store and see what’s new for The Body Shop. The store itself is an experience in itself and I highly recommend anyone to take a look.

Have you visited the store yet?


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