I am a huge lover of ‘designer’ candles and it’s probably one of my most unhealthy obsessions. And today I thought I’d share with you some of the reasons why they are different to your every day ones…

The three brands of designer candles I love are Jo Malone, Diptyque and I have recently discovered, The White Company candles. Now I’ve had other brands in the past but these three are ones that have really stood out to me for quite a few reasons. 

In theory, most people buy a candle for it’s scent, and although that is the most important feature of a candle there is so much more I look for. Packaging! The thing that stands out to me most, and if the packaging isn’t appealing to me I will just walk by it. I’m a huge believer of don’t judge a book by its cover but being a photographer, I have a rule of ‘it has to look good on a photo’. I love Jo Malone candles for their packaging even from the box they are wrapped in finished off by the red ribbon. 

Burning time. This is another aspect that is overlooked. Why buy an expensive candle if the burning time is only around 20 hours or so? Spending a little extra on candles and finding the right brands can give you up to 50 hours of burning time depending on the brand and the quality of wax used. Putting things into perspective, your basic Tesco candle has around 20 hours where the Jo Malone ones seen below have up to 40. 

Now you’ve spend £30-£50 on a candle and what happens when it runs out? Throw it in the bin? I use mine as pen pots, cotton bud pots or for you ladies it’s a perfect way to store your makeup brushes. They look fantastic and stand out on your desk or shelf. 


To make your candles last longer, once you’ve blew it out, wait a minute or two and while the wax is still warm, straighten the wick so it’s in the centre of the candle. Also, push down the wax that has built up around the sides this way you won’t have that dreaded hole in the centre of the candle. Don’t burn them around open windows, drafty areas or air vents as it can burn them down a hell of a lot quicker, believe me I’ve found out the hard way.

Featured in this post:

  • Diptyque Figure
  • Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon
  • Jo Malone Incense & Embers
  • Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia 
  • Jo Malone Limited Edition Cardamom & Moroccan Rose
  • The White Company Pomegranate

What are your favourite candles?


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