I love it when a new skincare brand is introduced to me, and today I have a very exciting one to talk about that I have literally fell in love with…

I was recently sent products from a new skincare brand called Adam and Eve. Now the name of this brand drew me in straight away not to mention their simplistic, beautiful packaging. Adam and Eve skincare thrive off the motto “Nature does nothing in vain”, meaning we can indulge our body with what we put on it and into it, all provided by nature. It’s an interesting concept that I really liked the idea of and after using their products, my interest became more intense.

The Adam and Eve skincare brand has two collections, one for men and one for women using only natural ingrendents caring for all skin types. Where most brands have products aimed for different types of skin, this brand aims to treat all. 

Quoting from their website “We say NO to cloying butters, heavy oils, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sodium laureth sulphate (SLS, a harsh drying foaming agent) and the controversial preservative methylisothiazolinone.” I love their outlook to natural skincare that is effective in fighting problem skin with ingredients provided by Mother Nature. 

The products sent to me are from the Adam collection, including the Tous Refreshing Face Wash, Les Calming Lotion and Garcons Active Moisturiser. All of these products include essential oils including aloe, green tea, ginseng, sandalwood and willow bark. Using products like this don’t strip the skin or cause irritation meaning you are indulged with the benefits from natural ingredients. 

I was also introduced to the Clear Complexion Supplements, designed to fight clear skin from the inside out. Contacting vitamin B5, this works at slowly reducing breakouts and and acne naturally. 

After trailing the products for a couple of weeks, I found that my skin appeared clean and bright. The face wash has a gel texture and works hard at cleaning and treating simultaneously. I found the calming lotion worked best after a shave at reducing irritation and rashes. I absolutely love this product as it gives a cooling sensation when applied. Finally the moisturiser is light and non greasy, taking away dry areas and keeping you fresh throughout the day. All of these products have a gorgeous natural scent as no synthetic fragrances are used. 

It has been a pleasure to try such an unusual yet inspiring brand and I can see this brand becoming very popular in the near future. Their morals and company ethics reflect on their amazing product line and I can’t wait to try more. 


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*Product/s mentioned in this post are sponsored however all opinions and views are my own.”



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