Having a very busy life, I sometimes find it hard to take some time away to just relax and chill, so staying positive is a big thing to keep up with my commitments. This post wasn’t planned one bit my fingers literally started typing away, so if you’re like me with a busy agenda, keep reading…

My life consists of lots of different commitments and sometimes it’s really hard to fit everything in! I study Marketing at University, own a small photography business, work part time as an events supervisor at a local hotel, keep up to date with blogging and writing for gianniC, and then any other time I have left consists of socialising with friends and family. It’s a busy life I won’t lie, but for some reason even when times are at its worst it’s completely manageable.

I really envy people who don’t have any commitments and can really concentrate on their blog content, but for some reason a busy lifestyle keeps me motivated to write and actually inspires me for post ideas. However, there are certain things I like to do to give me that zen moment, a time I can just relax and take everything off my mind for an hour or two. If you’re someone like me that just seems to never stop, take a look at my list of ways to keep positive.

1. One line a day diary – For my birthday last year my friend Megan bought me a One Line A Day Diary by Chronicle Books, and I absolutely love it. Every single day before I got to bed I write a single sentence to summarise how my day has been. Sometimes it’s a quote I’ve heard, a song lyric or a simple sentence about something that made me laugh. By doing this when I’m feeling down I can look back and remember that tomorrow is a new day. 

2. Meditate – Now when I say meditate I don’t mean sitting on the floor with my legs crossed changing, but just lying down with my eyes closed breathing deeply. I like doing this when I’ve came in from University and it just gives me a chance to slow down and relax before I go to work on the night. Meditation is something that I really want to look into in the future, because I’ve heard so much positive stuff from friends that have learnt how to do it properly. Something on my to do list!

3. Fill yourself with inspirational quotes – I love a good quote, just like anyone does, and to keep motivated I like to have the odd one stuck up in my room. I love to go to Paperchase and take a look around their postcards. They have some fantastic postcards with quotes on the back that I stick on my wall. 

4. Candles, candles and more candles – As frequent readers will know, I absolutely love candles. When I have candles burning in my room they really create a relaxed mood for me and not to mention they smell amazing. I usually have about 2 candles lit at one time, one scented and one that doesn’t. I can then turn off the lights and switch the TV on putting my phone on silent and my laptop aside. 

5. Be greatful for the opportunities you get in life – When I have time to my self, as cliche as it sounds I like to reflect on the opportunities I get. In the words of Christian Grey, ‘the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have’ and I am a big believer of that. The opportunities I have in life aren’t because of luck, but because of the effort I’ve put into certain things to be where I am, and I’m grateful for that. Reflect on where you are, and how you got there, because you should be proud of yourself.

6. Keep success in mind – I’m one of those people who are really driven and motivated by the idea of success. I have a firm idea of where I want my life to be and that pushes me through every day to work as hard as I can and take every opportunity I get. I believe that life is about making the most out of it and being as successful as you can, but what is the definition of success? To me it’s very personal and individual and the idea of success is different to everyone… and that’s okay. 

7. Never say never – Going back to taking every opportunity, never say never. If the opportunity you want doesn’t come to you now, it may come later. Keeping this frame of mind where your cup is half full keeps me positive and driven.

8. Cuppa coffee – Just like candles, coffee is another love of mine. When I’m at work or university, I love to just take a few minutes aside to have a nice cup of coffee and take a break. Having a hot drink seems to calm me down and settle me, so thats exactly what I do. Sometimes I get very anxious in stressful situations or if I’ve had a long day, but taking two minutes just to have a drink and a rest, it gives me that kick and push that I need to get the job done.

9. Spotify is my saviour – When I’ve got time to just sit down and relax, Spotify is the key. I love listening to my favourite artists when I’m relaxing but also when I’m writing an assignment or a blog post. Having music in the background whether it’s through speakers or headphones, it really makes me calm and focused.

10. Sleep.

(I don’t have to say much more about that, sometimes sleep just solves it all.)

I hope you found this interesting and helpful, what are your tips to stay positive?


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