Blogging isn’t only writing a post about an interest, product or topic, then throwing it out on the internet… there is a whole outlook to life that naturally adapts to the blogging enthusiast and quite quickly, something that not only you but friends and family pick up on too…

1. Everything is a photo. The birds eye view position is regally used, to the point where you are standing on a chair in Starbucks to get the perfect photo of your coffee..

2. Storage is an issue. A BIG BIG issue.

3. Not only are you looking for more space, but you are constantly organising it all into sections. Cleansers, Toners, Acid Toners… You catch my drift?

4. You use the #bbloggers hashtag about 5 times a day… minimum. 

5. You find it hard to contain your love for white and copper when you walk into a homeware shop… then Instagram a picture with the #bbloggers hashtag. 

6. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogger are your best friends.

7. Your actual friends are sick of you talking about beauty and express their hate for the smell of a Lush store. 

8. You can’t wait for Diptyque and Jo Malone candles to run out, so you can use them as a brush/pen pot. 

9. You turn your nose up at people who say blogging is easy. Then lecture them on the countless hours of writing, testing, photography and promoting you do. 

10. Blogging is hard at times, but you love every minute of it. 


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