Roses are red, Violets are fine, You be the 6, And I’ll be the 9. Happy Valentines Day.

Enough of the cringey card inserts. Valentines Day can be one of the worst times of the year to try and find someone a present, so today I’m going to do a little post about my top 8 Valentines gifts. Some are for gents and some are for ladies so I’m sure you’ll find something to buy your lover in this bunch, and if you cant then stick to the good old wine and chocolates . I hope whether you’re single or not you have a lovely Valentines day, because unfortunately I will be spending mine working watching happy couples enjoy theirs *insert pissed off emoji here*.

So let’s get started…

1) Jo Malone London Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle  £40

There’s nothing better than setting the scene with a good old scented candle, and what more could a woman want than a classic, British-made Jo Malone one. Any lady would love one of these not to mention the gorgeous gift wrapping and boxes they come in, finished off with a red ribbon. Elegance!

2) The Body Shop Poppy Scented Body Butter From £4

In fact the entire range of this product would make a lovely present. I recently reviewed this collection as it’s just been released in stores and I think it’s amazing. It has a very unique scent and there’s such a variety of products from bath bombs, to shower gels, to makeup so there’s plenty to choose from.

3) Ralph Lauren Polo Red Fragrance for Men From £31.50

This is a favourite of mine, it has a very masculine scent that can be used on any occasion. It’s also available in 3 sizes so depending on you’re budget it can be very flexible. The red packaging also gives a lovely Valentines theme to your gift. 

4) The Body Shop Red Musk Fragrance £14.00

If you’re wanting a fragrance that’s a little different to any others, then this may be the one for you. After reviewing this I found that it is a very uni-sex fragrance that has woody and musky notes. Love it!

5) Daniel Wellington Watches From £120

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Daniel Wellington have nailed their designs in every department. They have a fantastic range of watches to suit anyone for any occasion and I know that either any partner would appreciate one of these. They have a gorgeous appearance to them and look fantastic on a persons wrist. Product of the year 2014 in my eyes!

6) DVD’s and CD’s

If you’re stuck for a gift a DVD or CD is a perfect idea. Think of a film or artist that your lover is into at the moment, or something that brings back memories from when you first met or an occasion in your lives. Easy, simple and best of all cheap!

7) Chocolates or Sweeties

This is another gift you can never go wrong, and are great for little extras next to a big present. I love Lindor chocolates for valentines day because they have this classic, romantic look to them. Super tasty and melt right in your mouth, they are the perfect choice for this occasion. 

8) Moet & Chandon Champagne From £30

If you want to look a little fancy if you’re making a meal for 2, polish off you’re table layout with an ice bucket containing a bottle of Moet. Now I know there are much nicer champagnes than Moet but it’s a lovely little statement bottle that isn’t too pricy and tastes great! Try looking for a limited edition bottle as they have gorgeous packaging and designs. 

And that is it! A few little ideas for Valentines day gifts. I hope this has inspired you if you’re running a bit late on a present, or an extra to what you have already. Happy Valentines day guys!

What have you bought your partner this year?


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