Sometimes your skincare routine can get a little, well… lengthy. People, like myself, who dedicate a good half an hour to take your time getting ready for bed and waking up on a morning to prep and treat their skin, sometimes it can get a little tiring. 

So today I bring to you all a little tip for people who use facial oils/serums. You see, facial oils and serums all have hydrating factors, and so does your moisturiser. So why not mix these two together? To speed things up a little and in effect, missing a step out, I simply put a few drops of my facial oil and then mix in a finger size dollop of my daily moisturiser with this, rub between my hands then apply onto my face. Not only are you saving time doing this, you are creating a more even coverage across your face, as the moisturiser allows the oils to spread out more. This can also be done as said before with certain serums or treatments. I know some people may not agree with this, but this step works perfect for me. 

Let me know what you think? Do you have any skincare tips or tricks. 


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