As frequent readers will know, I suffered from acne for a long time when I was younger and at the time, my knowledge of help was very limited. So today I thought I’d help you all out with a few tips and tricks and things I wished I knew back then.

So a long story short when I started puberty in my early teenage years, I started to discover these nasty little lumps more commonly known as SPOTS. Yes spots and lots of them. And back then the best solution I had was a bit of Clean and Clear spot treatment from my local Boots. But for 99.9% of people this really doesn’t do much help. At this point it was really beginning to upset me and I felt like I was the only person with spotty skin, so I decided to consult a doctor. After years of different tablets, creams, gels and treatments nothing was getting better. I found that it would help them for a few weeks then they would all come rushing back. It was only when I turned 18 and started researching about skincare and different products that I noticed a difference in my skin hence the start up of this blog.

Now looking back with the knowledge I know now there is so much I would have done differently that I can guarantee would have prevented the problems with my skin, and only recently have I came across another service that I wish I knew about.

Sk:n is the countries leading skincare clinic offering a variety of non-surgical treatments from laser hair removal to acne treatments. They have a team of professional experts that are all medically trained and are use to working in a clinical environment. Looking at their services they offer familiar treatments such as skin peals and microdermabrasion. Sk:n clinics are all around the country so are easily accessible to the majority of people.

Looking at their services now, I wish I knew about one of their treatments back in my teenage years, the Advanced Salicylic Skin Peel. Salicylic acid is something I have been using for 2 years now and the effects on my skin are incredible. I really do believe this along many things has really solved the problem. A skin peel or chemical peel is a formula that is put on your skin just like a face mask, that works away taking off a very, very (I mean very) thin layer of your skin away that can help to taking away redness, scaring, blemishes and uneven skin-tone. A lot of people are put off skin peels because they sound frightening but they are quite the opposite. I find them very relaxing and therapeutic and the results I have found are impeccable. People ask what they feel like and all I can describe them as is tingly. I highly recommend anyone suffering with acne or skin condition to consulate a specialist about skin peels. 

Sk:n clinics offer great prices for these treatments that can be found here.

Other things I wish I did was eat clean, drink lots of water and stick to a consistent skincare routine. Skipping evening face washes was a habit of mine when I was younger and little did I know that when you are asleep over night is when the bad bacteria is most active on your skin. So falling asleep with all the dirt and sweat over the day without washing it off really didn’t do much help to my skin.

If you want to check out the Sk:n clinics website click here.

Have you ever used Sk:n before?


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